Saturday, May 2, 2009

Forget the Swine - Go Camping!

I take a week off to go turkey hunting and come back from the woods to find the swine have all but overtaken us. I'm not talking about the flu, I'm talking about the press. There is a pandemic happening all right, but it's not a disease it's a press feeding frenzy. It is so bad my president felt compelled to say "Cover your mouth when you cough." Don't they teach that in kindergarten anymore?

Our vice president says don't fly because you have to breath that recirculated air? A plane is diverted to a landing because someone has flu like symptoms? Our press has taken compulsion to new hipes, I mean heights. I have four words for them - GIVE ME A BREAK ! And find some real story to report or take a vacation if things are that slow. But please, don't go turkey hunting, you might get shot.

After all, a lot of bad things 'could' happen. Let's see, we have the possibility of an E.L.E. meteor, a nuclear holocaust, global warming and, my grandmother's favorite, you could poke someones eye out if you don't put that stick down!

All I can say is I am sure glad it isn't a turkey flu. It took me six years to get drawn for spring turkey which is my favorite hunt because it follows those long hard winters we have here in Camp Verde Arizona. It got all the way down to freezing several times this winter and it even threaten to snow once! Think of the havoc that could have wreaked - cars sliding into ditches, potential power outages and your ears could get cold too.

I have actually had the flu, several times in my lifetime and while it certainly wasn't any fun, I never felt like it was on the same level as small pox or leprosy. I guess that shows you what little I know about such things. Ignorance truly is bliss.....I guess.

I'm going back to the woods. I have never seen a turkey sneeze.

Go Camping!

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  1. Amen brother Ben shot a goose and killed a hen! My mother did not recognize this as an acceptable grace at meals.I wrote this last week to my brother Sam:In the last 8 years I've become a student of how fear is used to manipulate people and sell media. The constant message "Be very afraid" has made me seek some rules of thumb to assess the risk of touted dangers. I find statistics help put things in perspective. Yes I know they can lie too but I think the World Health Organization etc. have a less sinister agenda than the previous administration or Channel 5 News that gives greater weight to stories about Brittany Spears than genocide in Darfur [ Since February 2003 , about 450,000 people have been killed, and 3,000,000 people have been displaced. ].
    While the potential for a global plague that will decimate the worlds population is real is is perhaps not as likely as the media would have us think. I predict pitbulls will kill more people this year than swine flu. Here's some figures:
    In 2002, malaria was the fourth cause of death in children.Each year 350–500 million cases of malaria occur worldwide, and over one million people die. 2007 total motor vehicle deaths in US 41,059. Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists- 4,825 deaths and 21,000 injuries occurred in the first three months of 2008.Pet dogs account for 31 deaths per year in US.
    If they don't close the border We'll be headed down to Mexico on May 11th for 9 days.