Monday, February 23, 2009

Running Away

Have you ever felt like just running away from it all? Of course you have, that's what us tent campers do, hopefully with great regularity. We do, however, take our families, dogs and friends with us so we are actually running away 'with it all' not 'from it all'. And, my friends, this is the year we are really going to do that! Heck most of us are either out of work or headed that way anyway, so we might as well configure our lives for living in the woods. ;-)

As you may have heard me say before, tent camping has just got to be one of the cheapest forms of family entertainment you can find. Once you are outfitted, the only real additional expenses to your normal life style are vehicle and stove fuels plus a few minimal supplies like lantern mantels, batteries and such. If you stay close to home that shouldn't be a lot.

So to that 'go camping' end, have I got some cool stuff for you! I have finally got around to organizing my camping tips free pack page on our web site. Essentially, what you get is some of the standard web site content, supplemented with additional information and put in a PDF format so it's easy to print it out and thus take with you. And once you have it on paper, you can write on it. You know, cross off things you don't like in those camping recipes, for example, write in things you do, add your own, and make little side notes to augment those ever capricious memory cells in the brain.

And the big news is, the brand new, never seen before, just off the press, answer to all your prayers, "Go Camping!" organizer/calendar!!! ( It's in that camping tips free pack.) Well ok, I guess it's not that big of a deal but it's kinda cool and I'm telling you it's going to help motivate you and yours to get off that proverbial posterior and do it. This Year!

So get your 'go camping' plan together and escape to that sacred hideaway you love so much! Take pictures, tell us about your trip like Steve and his family did. ( I tried to talk him into taking me with them next time - so far he's ignoring me, though.)

Go Camping!



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