Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Y2K - All Over Again?

I brought in the year 2000 out camping which, incidentally, is my favorite way to usher in any new year. Of course, that was the millennium change over thus year 2000 = Y2K, (for those too young to know). As I remember there were predictions of air planes falling out of the sky, doors in stores that wouldn’t open trapping people inside and a host of other mostly mechanical type things that were suppose to happen. 

The 'prepper' ruled as people were buying survival packs, emergency devices, wind generators and RV’s. There were entire trade shows based on the ‘Y2K’ survival mentality.

The whole theory behind the impending disaster was that everything had become computer controlled at least to some extent. Everything from tools and appliances to cars and airplanes had microprocessors in them and nobody had considered what would happen to these various devices when their individual programs had to contend with the possibility of a date they were not programmed to recognize.

Y2K was absolutely incredible. Not the event - the hype, the press, the endless parade of experts predicting potential gloom and doom. Well let me tell you what actually happened. Nothing - absolutely nothing. The year 2000 came and went and the whole decade leading up to it was just an exercise in self generated stress. 

I am thinking this election is very similar. Now I know, no matter who wins, there will be a lot of upset people. However, that was the case last election too. We did somehow survive the whole matter and my bet is we will again.

Still, having your survival issues addressed is really just a prudent thing to do anyway. Thus my food stash is full, I have some extra fuel, cash, ammo and, of course, my camping survival plan is in place. 

As a matter of fact I am heading out tomorrow for a week long deer hunt in the hopes of stocking up the freezer with some venison. ( My granddaughter filled us up with elk a couple of weeks ago. You can’t get too much practice at this survival routine, you know. ;-)

Look at it this way, if it’s four more years of the same crap...well so be it and if it’s four more of different crap well what’s so unusual about that? Yeeeeesh..... let’s get out there camping so we can tone down the stress a notch or two. It’s just another election. After all these elections are always the most important one of our time because NOW is always the most important moment in time.

Don’t waste now! Do something meaningful. Vote, then let the chips fall where they may and Go Camping! 


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