Monday, December 13, 2021

The End Is Near!

I’m referring to the end of the year, of course. And those subscribers that have been with me for a while know what that means - it’s time for a new calendar/planner! More importantly, that means it’s time to start thinking about and planning out those camping trips we have always wanted to do. Remember writing things down will increase the odds of it actually happening. Obviously, that’s the whole idea of any planner. 

On the camping vacation front, considering the price of gas, this might be a good year to look for things to do a little closer to home. Here in Arizona the state parks could be one of the low hanging fruits of camping and outings. I’ll bet that is true in most other states as well, certainly out west anyway.

I always like to get all my regular events written down right away. Music festivals and hunting seasons tend to get top priority booking in my circles. In a non-covid year that is between ten - twelve campouts just by themselves. And, of course, I will usually do another ten - twelve in somewhat spontaneous way or usually at the beckoning of others. 

I have also been known to plan entire campouts around meteor showers. The best meteor viewing will be totally out away from city lights during the period of a new moon. Showers and moon phases are both shown in our calendar. Incidentally, all the information on our calendar including holidays, moon phases, meteor showers etc. comes from the website It's a great one-stop-shop if you happen to need to make your own calendar.  

It’s always a good year to figure out another great bike-hike too. This can be a little bit tricky but once you get one worked out it’s there for you for many years to come.

This years’ calendar/planner video has a real special place in my heart because my grandson, Blake, did the music score for it! Have a look and listen and see if you don’t agree that he is really a pretty talented kid.

Then be sure to download the PDF version of the calendar so you can print it out and start planning out your 2022 happenings especially the camping variety. BTW - It’s completely free! I don’t even make you sign up for anything to get it:

The 2022 Go Camping! Calendar/Planner 

It takes a while to down load. Be sure to save it to your desktop or camping folder. That way it makes for a real quick way to access our great camping information. All the links are hot. Click any logo to get to that website's home page. 

It's also in our PDF free download package along with Ken's cookbook, camping checklist, handy camping procedures and all the rest of the usual camping tips, tricks and such. ( There are a couple of new recipes this year in the cookbook. ) I do make you sign-up for this one but, hey, it's easy to unsubscribe if you want.

Again this year I will  send a printed calendar with any kit, unfinished and finished chuck box order.  This is something I’ll do up through February.

So yes, the end is near, well at least for 2021, so let's put it to rest and get 2022 started off with a good plan.

Go Camping!


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