Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's go fishing!

For many years I went to the Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival in November. Some years I would buy a ticket just to support their efforts even though I knew I wouldn't be able to make it. Then last year they decided to outlaw tent camping. ( That's down right un-American if you ask me! ) I suspect this was done to make room for all the high dollar Canadian snowbird RVs, although there are any number of other lame excuses floating around as well.

So I have been thinking we should do something over here in Camp Verde on that weekend. ( Maybe next year we'll do a folk festival?) Then it hit me. Let's go camping! I mean together. I'm thinking Nov. 13-15 at the Bull Pen campground near Camp Verde AZ. It's going to be a no host, bring your own everything, kind of deal but I'll bet you have some fun if you can find a way to make it.

I'll call a couple of my musician buddies ( the ones that are tent campers ) and see if we can at least round up a little entertainment for the event. Plus the fishing should be pretty good now as trout seem to be a lot happier in cold water. Hey, maybe we can cook up some trout foil wrap style? Also the hiking is pretty spectacular out of this camp ground. There are some easy and wonderful day hikes including Blodget Basin and West Clear Creek trails. It will likely be a lot chilly at night so dress warm. This will make a nice little warm up camping trip for our Arizona winter camping efforts! Tent campers are more than welcome. It's a tough place to get an RV or camper trailer but if you have one, you are welcome, although we will probably sneer at you a little. (Just kidding.)

The trail going from the Bull Pen up West Clear Creek

No need to RSVP or anything, as you need to bring your own food and such.

Shoot me and email or give me a call if you have any questions. I'll send you a Google Earth place mark if you need it.

Let's Go Camping!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Fall!

The sky is a little bluer, the air is a little cooler and leaves are taking on the look of an artists palette. In many parts of our country, fall offers the best in the way of camping opportunities for two reasons. First the biting bugs are all but gone as the colder nights force their retreat. Second, the other campers thin out considerably so the best camping spots are often available.

Kendrick Mountain as seen from the Humphrey's Peak trailhead at the Arizona Snowbowl - Oct 2007.

A few years back, I went camping at Diamond Rock on Arizona's Black river two weeks before Labor Day and could hardly find an available campsite. Two weeks after Labor day I went back to the same place and could have camped almost anywhere. It's just astounding how a little chill in the air scares off the masses. But not us hard core campers - this is when we get serious.

The other important camping recreation issues are the fishing gets better as it gets colder, the hunting seasons are starting and hiking & biking are way better when it cools down in autumn.

The fall colors visually signal the start of the best camping season. So turn on those football game recording devices ( so you can watch the games when you get back ) and get out there and bring this fall in with a few memorable camping outings. You might even want to try a big campout.

Go camping!



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