Monday, January 17, 2022

The Motherload of Camping Tips

Life is all about knowing the tricks and camping is no exception. Here is an example tip from each of the pages on our website. 

Calendar/Planner - Things that get written down are much more likely to actually happen.

Basic Tips - bugs and critter control - keep food spills cleaned up and leave no  water in wash tubs and such.

Gear and Equipment - When buying tents, bags and clothing the zipper will give you the quickest indication of quality.

Camping Vacations - When camping near or in major parks or sites, get there early to find a good camping spot. Right at checkout time (usually noon or 1:00) is best.

Easy Camping Recipes - Green Chile Burros make the best ‘feed a lot of people quick‘ meal.

Camping Hazards - Watch out for those bungie cords!

Pit BBQ - Use chopped onions in the bottom of your Dutch Oven with lots of water. 

Daytime Entertainment - Building and using a sundial at every camp will help you and your team develop a good sense of direction.

Nighttime entertainment - Story telling makes the best nighttime entertainment. (If you know how to tell them.)

Group Campouts - make notes of what should be different next time. (Our calendar /planner will really help you with those effort.)  

Camping Tarp - When a tree has no limbs to hold the ridge rope use a branch to make an artificial one. 

camping tarp tips
First Aid Kit - make sure you have burn medication.

Scout Fundraising - put smiles on your volunteers by taking impromptu pictures during your events. This makes for a fun happening and provides great material for next year’s fundraising calendar/planner.

Camping Survival - carefully plan and build an in-home food stash.

Camping with Google Earth - markers help you communicate your exact campsite location to others.

Camping Checklist - Most forgotten item - cooking oil.

Newsletter - sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already. No commercial crap! It’s really just a friendly reminder of what you should be doing - Camping! 

Camping downloads - calendar/planner - cookbook - camping checklist - meal plan - pit BBQ procedure - tarp procedure and build the Water Table.

Our newsletter subscribers will already have this download although, it now has the 2022 calendar and there are a couple of new recipes this year. Sign-up to get the download and Go Camping! 


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