Monday, March 28, 2022

Cabin Fever

You could swear the walls are closing in on you. Every sound cuts through you like the squeal of chalk on the blackboard in your eight-grade math class. You’re so bored that you can’t kill the spider climbing the bedroom wall because watching him gives you something to do. Everything you eat tastes the same. There are no smells at all. Solitaire and free cell are the only outlets you can manage to pass the time. You have even taken to actually reading Facebook posts. I mean, not just looking at the pictures and videos but actually reading the words.

No doubt about it - you are suffering from Cabin Fever. It’s that dreaded disease that pulls your conscious into a god-awful haze of stagnant inertia that makes you feel like you are being chased in slow motion as in a dream where you just can’t wake yourself up.

The good news is there is a cure. The bad news is you have to get out of your house to find it. And not just out, but way out beyond the skyscrapers past the shopping malls off the interstates and on to that washboardy dirt road that leads to a little mountain stream where the bull frogs croak and the fish jump and there is no cell phone coverage. The place where you once again become one with what really matters in your universe.  

So, say goodbye to cabin fever and hello to that magnificent infinitely variable place we call the ‘outdoors’. It’s the place to recharge, renew and reset your mental state.

However, like everything in life your cure for cabin fever will require your action. You need to pry yourself out of the recliner go out to the garage, survey and service that camping gear so you are ready. Also, be sure to download our free stuff to help you plan and manage all of your outings.

By the way, that PDF free-pack has a planner, cookbook, checklist, meal plan, various camping procedure and even a camping gear woodworking project for you. Also be sure to watch the how to camp more often video which is really more about how too organize your gear so you won’t forget things.

So that is what you need to do to set yourself free and thus cure that case of cabin fever. Just be sure to capture that spider on your wall and release him to the great outdoors too. Who knows he may eat a mosquito that had ever intention of biting you! 

Go Camping!


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