Wednesday, June 28, 2023


For the younger among us ‘uncle’, means ‘I give up’. 

In January I decided to pull the plug on the manufacturing side of my business. Joe Biden’s ‘gas inflation tax’ has driven the cost of materials and shipping so high that there is no profit margin left in making a product. Honestly, for the last several years I would have made better money flipping hamburgers at McDonalds or stuffing tacos at Taco Bell. Thus, just increasing the price of the products is not an option either. For a number of years, it's felt like I have just been working for the benefit of Lowes, UPS and other vendors. They all make good money from my efforts. Yeeeesh....

However, when you stop spending your time doing things, you have more time to do ‘other’ things. So, the good news is I haven’t actually given up on everything, just chuck box manufacturing. I do still sell plans and spend considerable time and energy teaching people how to make chuck boxes with free customer service ‘how to’ videos for those who purchase plans.

BlueSkyKitchen Plans page 

Additionally, my website is getting a lot of attention. Here is a playlist of a great family type ‘pallet project’ woodworking gift as an example: (When I say raised bed - I really mean elevated bed.)

Elevated Garden 

This inflation has forced me to rethink how I do everything from business expenditures to personal expenses. This has led me to another big business chopping block item, buck email including newsletters. 

However, you can still stay in touch through various social media platforms: 

Camping tips FaceBookPage - Here is where I’ll post links to new content and related videos. 

BSK FaceBookPage - Information related to building chuck boxes.

Videocamper YouTube - Video channel for camping and outdoor ideas. This continues to be the video presence for and ( I am toying with the idea of doing a video newsletter using a Power Point format. Keep an eye on this one.)

Woodworking YouTube - Here is where you’ll find the new stuff for 

KenRalston YouTube - This is a channel I have had for a while but only used for personal things. What should start happening here though, are personal, mostly kid stories, general experiences and maybe an entertaining poem, song or skit. I plan on having fun with this channel. Please subscribe and join me.  Here is an example:

And these websites are still intact:

In summary, the newsletter is no more but all the information that use to be in the bulk email newsletter is still available through other channels. 

Things change, don’t we know it...... 

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For the younger among us ‘uncle’, means ‘I give up’.  In January I decided to pull the plug on the manufacturing side of my business. Joe Bi...