Saturday, March 17, 2007

Welcome to the videocamper blog.

The purpose of this blog is to generate camping relevant information in order to promote tent camping, backpacking and other outdoor/wilderness enjoyment activities. It is my intent to have this blog work in conjunction with my two camping related websites: - where you can find answers to camp kitchen and chuck box concerns and additional general tent camping information. - the place for tent camping ideas, tips and tricks.

and my video newsletter: - demonstrations of camping techniques and outdoor video.

Basically, I envision content changes on those websites and in the newsletter that would reflect the interest and needs of those of us who tent camp. For example, if folks were looking for a good solution to some particular problem when camping, then the experienced among us could share our ideas on the subject and I would develop a web page to address that particular issue or cover it in the newsletter.

Such issues could also be addressed through posts of other websites they may have already adequately covered the information in question.

That way when the subject comes up again we simple refer people to the appropriate web page instead of having to go through the whole discussion all over again. ( In my opinion, the down side of blogging is the redundancy of topics.)

Please keep your posts relevant to tent camping, backpacking and activities commonly associated with same. Feel free to include your URL in your signature but do not mention your products or services unless they are relevant and specific to the given thread you are posting to. In other words, let's keep it camping relevant! However, feel free to tell us about the bear that raided your last camp or the pack rat that stole your wedding ring or 'the one that got away'. Camping stories are more than welcome!

Hopefully, we will attract some of the scouting communities so lets keep the language and discussion appropriate to all ages and groups.

Thanks for participating!

Ken Ralston

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