Sunday, August 2, 2009


I must have been about 12 years old at that time. It was the time I got lost, really lost, not just a little turned around. Wouldn't you know, my direction of movement was exactly wrong. Completely backwards, instead of going south I was moving north.

"How does this happen," one might ask?

  • It was a new, thus unfamiliar area

  • It was a cloudy day so the sun was not available to aid in navigational efforts

  • I was young and stupid. ( now I'm just stupid :o()

  • I didn't pay attention and did not mentally note the salient features of the land before leaving the vehicle.

Now in my later years, when things are not working out the way they should, I tend to ask myself "am I really doing what I think I am doing?". Not surprisingly the answer is often no! Which is why it is advisable to check our points of reference occasionally.

That, of course, is why we did the little camping survey a couple months ago. Checking our reference points. I am happy to say that, by and large, we are not lost. In fact most readers seem to be pretty happy with the general direction of the newsletter. Folks seem to like the cooking, dutch oven and family camping content but would like to see more localized information on specific areas to camp and such.

If you have a look at the writers page on our camping terms website you'll get an idea of other things people were interested in knowing about. If you have some expertise in any area of camping and would like to share it with us, please sign up to be a writer.

And if you are wondering how I managed to get out of my lost situation, well while wondering aimlessly, I came across my cousin, same age as me, walking the same direction as me ( exactly wrong ). His stupidity reassured and added to mine and visa verse. So we just kept walking the same direction !

This experience has lead me to the mathematical equation:

1S + 1S = 2S where s=stupid

so one stupid plus another stupid = two stupids (stupids will not cancel each other out!) And if you think about it, we have seen this many times especially in political arenas. Additionally, adding more stupids to the equation only adds to the reassurance of all the stupids in the equation and does nothing to offset the stupidity of the situation or the equation. In other words, just because a lot of stupids all think the same thing, that does not make it true - it's still stupid.

I hope I am not acting "stupidly" here. ( Now there is a word that says a lot!) My gout does not allow me to drink beer anymore so I can't just ask you over for a beer and make it all better.

As for my cousin and I, we ran across another hunter way back about where the last dirt road turns into a cow path and he very kindly gave us a ride back to where we should be. There is no substitute for blind luck.

Don't get lost and Go Camping! Or visa verse.



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