Sunday, February 27, 2022


It’s a pathetic sickness. Many a man and now even women suffer from this tragic time consuming, knuckle busting, money sucking, pastime. In plumbing circles it’s accounted for an untold number of flooded bathrooms and water-soaked carpet in adjoining rooms. In automotive efforts complete overhauls have been required simply because the shade-tree mechanic forgot to tighten the drain plug following a simple oil change. And woodworkers have lost fingers trying to get that special cut on a small piece of wood with way too big of a power tool.  

Still, there are good reasons to want to do things yourself. We have all heard, “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself”. These days, if you want it done at all, you have to do it yourself as skilled tradesman are retiring in droves. Thus, it’s hard to find somebody who can do it, even if you are willing to pay. 

I could tell you a long, ugly story that started with a leaky gas tank and ended close to $1200 later with me having to redo what I had already paid a ‘trained mechanic’ to do. I won’t, it depresses me. Suffice it to say, he put in used parts that ended up failing after the warranty period, of course. Not only did I have to do it again but I also decided to cut an access panel hole in the bed of my truck so I can change the fuel pump 'next time' without having to pull the gas tank.

Incidentally, this ability to ‘customize’ is a big advantage in doing something yourself. My experience with car parts tells me I’ll need to change this fuel pump again probably much sooner than later as ‘after-market’ parts tend to fail a lot quicker.

Most of us do-it-yourself types are really in it for the pure pleasure of craftsmanship, though. To me there isn’t a whole lot that’s more fun than pulling something from your mind into your own world. In other words, taking an idea from thought to reality. 

Also, while it’s true you can save some money doing things yourself, life really is more about time than money. Therefore, spend your time doing things you like to do. But if you like to build things and you like to camp, here is an idea for you.

This is definitely the time of year to get your camping gear in order and the chuck box is your most important piece of organizational equipment. Maybe this is the year you build your own? Boy, can we help you out there. Don’t even think about building a chuck box until you have read our camp kitchen design book especially if you are trying to come up with your own design. If you like any of our existing designs, then go for the Blue Sky Kitchen Plans book as all our plans are in this one. Most people get both chuck box books together.

Additionally, there are two hours' worth of instructional video on our customer service website to aid you in your building efforts. If you dive into the DIY pool and find 

  • it’s just too big of a task 
  • you don’t have the time 
  • or tools 
  • or know how 

then you can cut you losses by investing in a kit, unfinished or even finished product. We’ll give you a plans rebate of up to $24.95 toward that product which will basically cover your original plans investment. And, you still have the plans so you can build the piggyback shelves, three-foot extension, extra drawers or even a complimentary product at some point down the road.

By the way, this rebate offer is good for three months from your original plans book purchase date.

In summary, let me say we are trying to take the pain of that DIY sickness with not only our rebate offer but also our customer service support. And keep in mind building a chuck box with your kids makes a great family project! (Also be advised, we have some additional woodworker projects here.) 

It's time. Let's do-it-yourself, then, Go Camping! 


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