Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Five Mega Corona Camping Tips.

This corona thing has, in fact, turned a lot of folks to the hills so to speak. I went camping north of Flagstaff last weekend with hunting buddies Don and Taylor. I could not believe the number of people that were in the forest! It seemed as though every available pull off had a camp. Many were archery hunters like us but many we not. Some were biking, some were hiking, some were just enjoying the magnificent monsoon weather. It was good to see.

However, I am told there is a big problem with people leaving their trash and such behind when they leave. Us ‘real campers’ know you do not do that. It seems as though once one person leaves something behind others begin to think it’s perfectly OK to do that. At the very least you could get a ticket for that whether someone else does it or not. “Pack it in - pack it out” even if you are car camping.

And us real campers have to make up for those camping light weights too. I wish I had a nickel for every cigarette butte I have picked up from previous campers. I don’t smoke and nobody I camp with does either. But there is something about smokers that makes them think it’s OK to leave buttes about a camp site. Its not. At least put them in the fire.

So my regular viewers have probably all seen the following web-pages but maybe need a little refresher. New subscribers will definitely want to look over all these Corona Camping Tips. 

1 - Go camping more often.

2 - Eat good. 

3 - Meet  your friends out there. 

4 - Have fun - Day Fun and Nighttime Fun

5  - Avoid real camping hazards

Okay, okay I admit it, they are really not any different than any other tips I give you but they are still good and something every camper should know Corona or not. And there are about eighty camping videos on my VideocamperYouTube channel. All are geared toward getting you out camping more often and/or having more fun doing it.

I’m glad folks have taken the Corona advice I gave back in March. ;-) Go Camping!


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