Tuesday, November 29, 2022

2023 Go Camping! Calendar/Planner is ready!

So here we are just a month away from those special 'end of the year' happenings! December brings you Christmas, January brings you a New Year and I bring you a fresh 2023 Go Camping! Calendar/Planner. Hey life is good, don't we know it?

Somewhat surprisingly, I actually have the calendar done now!    And I even have the motivational video done too.  Have a look:

And this year, we have added 'screen server images' for your computer to the mix of goodies. Wow! (I am patting myself on the back.) I just water marked the calendars into the upper corner of the images. Thus, now you get a great image for your computer background and a little monthly calendar for reference purposes too.

So, let's get to planning out our 2023 camping and vacation efforts by downloading your copy of the calendar/planner:

2023_Go Camping!_Calendar.indd (camping-tips.com)

And here is a link to the screen server images should you be interested:

Camping tips free download page. (camping-tips.com) 

As my longtime subscribers know, these calendar/planners become diaries for future reference. Therefore, get one, print it out and put it in a folder so you have a hardcopy for, not just your planning efforts but, also your camping notes and stories. 

If you haven't already signed up for my newsletter have a look at this example where you can also sign up at the bottom:

Camping-tips.com and BlueSkyKitchen.com newsletter example  

Thanks for reading and be sure to check the links in the planner that are of interest to you (That really helps me out with my search engine efforts and such.)  Go Camping!

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