Thursday, July 2, 2009

Think Camping

"Thoughts are creations," a friend once told me. I am not sure that is exactly true but surely thoughts lead to creations (or 'destructions', as it be).

The aging process has afforded me a reverence toward thoughts in general. There is something mystical about them. Once I was swinging my granddaughter, Emily, at the park. She was sitting in the swing and I was behind her so she was looking exactly the opposite direction from me as I was pushing the swing from behind. I looked at the water bottles, we had brought with us, and was thinking to myself a drink of water would be good. She turned her head back toward me so I could hear her shout "if you are thirsty papa you should just go get a drink". I know she either pulled that thought right out of my head or I sent it to hers!

Perhaps, the best example of this 'thought telepathy' is when two people are intently trying to remember the same thing, like maybe the name of an actor. They might be pondering, who was that other guy that starred with Mel Gibson in " We Were Soldiers"? Seconds pass....nothing, nothing, nothing more seconds pass.... more nothing, nothing, nothing then in unison both shout "Sam Elliot!". Coincidence, you say....maybe...but it sure seems to happen a lot.

I have learned if one treats a thought as if it were it's own little entity with it's own personality separate from one's own mind, at the very least it seems to create an independence from existing perceptions and prejudice thus allowing for the possibility of new ideas. Many of the innovations associated with my chuck box products were achieved this way. You learn to let the thought guide you instead of you guiding the thought. (It's harder to do than you might think. )

"Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it," is another one we have all heard. I can guarantee you, that one is true. I asked you for your opinions on the newsletter last month and boy did I get an earful. But it was a good earful. While, by and large, folks seem to be contented with the general direction of our efforts, there were also some wonderful new insights and ideas presented too.

I am still compiling and incubating that information. Therefore, we are going to hold off on the website survey till next month and by then, with any luck, I will have digested all your thoughts on what the newsletter should be.

In regard to those who offered their opinions in our survey, I have one word for you:

Thank You!

OK, I guess that's two words but it is one thought and a good one at that. ;-)

Think Camping then go!


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