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BlueSkyKitchen.com introduces

“made for the car camping vacation”

Paulden Arizona, 5/3/2018

Blueskykitchen.com has taken the camp kitchen size and weigh down another level with it’s new “Mini-Grub” chuck box. It has external dimensions of 24” x 16” x 13 1/2” and weighs in at about 15lbs empty. This product has been designed specifically for the vacationing car and tent campers. It stores camp kitchen devices and provides clean level surfaces for food preparation and cleanup.

The internal shelf space can store wash tubs and dish drainer that can double as drawers for large item storage such as plates, pots and pans etc.. There are also two drawers for storing silverware and utensils. The doors detach completely to offer portable work surfaces.

Box ends are configured with racks for spices and personal items with cup hooks on one end and a tooth brush holder on the other.

The box can be used on a standard campsite table or your portable table.

Options include a stand to make the whole kitchen a self contained unit. It is possible to store a standard camp stove between the box and the stand making for very compact storage of the entire camp kitchen.

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Blueskykitchen.com has been pioneering the camp kitchen chuck box market since 1988. It offers several highly evolved camp kitchen product options in configurations ranging from woodworking plans, to ‘assemble-your-own’ kits, to ‘DIY unfinished and ‘ready-to-outfit’ finished products.

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