Thursday, June 30, 2022

Go Camping! (You know I always say it.)

I end my chuck box design book with the statement, “Go Camping!  “It’s good for the soul!”.  And I mean it too.

But what does it really take to go camping more often? You need to become a skilled camper. That means you know how to do things in the most efficient way. Your loading and setup task need to be smooth quick processes as do your tear down and unloading chores. And, obviously, all the standard routine camping needs like starting and tending a fire or cooking tasty, nutritious meals, need to be polished as well.

You start with our camping checklist to enhance your gear and supply gathering duties and make sure you don’t forget important items. Putting up and tearing down the tent is a big concern that could be delegated to perhaps your camping partner.

The real challenge though is the camp kitchen. Here is a new video I did that sort of demonstrates how to make the tent and the kitchen work together as a team and demonstrates different setups:

Then there are all those other camping skills. You know, things like entertainment, basic meals, Dutch oven cooking and host of other things. Here is the website for those camping tips and tricks.       

The best part of becoming really good at something is that it makes you feel really good about yourself. Like I said, “It’s good for the soul!” 

As always, Go Camping!

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